60 Minute initial consultation involves gathering a full history of your injury, and undergoing clinical tests and full body screens to diagnose and come up with a treatment plan for your injury.

60 Minute physiotherapy sessions include treatment modalities including mobilisations, stretching, massage and evidence based strengthening exercises in the gym to reduce pain and build back strength and mobility.

We diagnose and treat a variety of injuries, including ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back pain, as well as nerve related pain including sciatica.

Your session will incorporate your bespoke rehabilitation plan into a carefully structured workout, so not only will you rehabilitate your injury, you will continue to train hard around your specific goals.


Your Sports Massage session will aim to reduce tension, increase mobility and reduce aches and pains from your busy training and work schedule.
These come in 30, 45 and 60 minute blocks, and include techniques involving deep frictions and PNF stretching.
Available in Epsom.


Dry needling may provide relief for some muscular pain and stiffness. In addition, bringing blood flow to the area and easing the trigger points may reduce pain and increase range of motion.


We will set up a marquee and massage tables and have a team of physiotherapists available for sports massage, taping and physio at your next fitness and sporting event.

We have also teamed up with URBN Health Coach for corporate physiotherapy treatment. Email us to enquire further.



Physio MSc.

Olly is a chartered physio, completing his degree in sports rehabilitation and masters in Physiotherapy in London. He has previously worked for three years with the ministry of defence and two years in professional football as the lead academy physio for Fulham FC. Alongside his private practice, he also currently works as a physio for the ministry of defence rehabilitating injured soldiers.


MSc. Physiotherapy

MSc. Sports and Exercise Physiology

BSc. Strength and Conditioning

Mike is a chartered physiotherapist working at Spire Health Bushey Hospital and specialising in musculoskeletal injuries. Mike is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and has over ten years of experience in strength training, sports performance and rehabilitation, including previous experience with professional rugby clubs such as Harlequins and Nottingham RFC.


Rehab Coach BSc.

Davey is currently in his final year completing a Masters in Sports rehabilitation. He currently is also an elite personal trainer, and travels around the UK to rehabilitate athletes at a variety of events including CrossFit and rugby.




Physiotherapy session: 60 mins Initial Consultation £70

Physiotherapy session 60 mins: £65

Group of 5: £315

Group of 10: £600

Sports Massage 30 mins : £35

Sports Massage 45 mins: £45

Sports Massage 60 mins: £60

Group of 5 30 min Sports Massage: £160

Group of 5 45 min Sport Massage: £215

Group of 5 60 min Sport Massage: £290

Dry Needling and PNF Stretching 30 mins: £40